Save the SHIMOTSUKE city!

short version (5min)

Full version(10min)

Commuting、Child care support, Local goods and Medical care-Shimotsuke city is filled with happiness in everything.

Suddenly, the evil corps “Un-happies” came in sight. They try to destroy all “happiness” at Shimotsuke city.

Citizens run away from their violence.A man -who has a strong sense of justice, stand up againt the tyrannical evil corps with the traditiocal fist “Shimotsu-ken”.

Will he able to regain happiness in the city from them?


The master of Shimotsu-ken the traditional fighting style.
“Shimotsu Ken”

Living in Shimotsuke city with wife Yoko and his doughter Sachi.Usually he is office worker at Tokyo, but also the master of the traditional fist, Shimotsu-ken. It is allow to use to protect citizens happiness. He slices the dried gourd by hand as training.He loves his hometown Shimotsuke-city, family and sushi-roll of dried gourd.

The leader of a tyrannical evil corps “Un-happies”

He leads an evil corps, they never felt any happiness ever before.He believes that unhappy land shows the value of human existence, and is desperate to destroy a happy city. His superhuman strength destroy everything, and has a high sense of beauty. The make up of his minions are applied by him.


There are filled the full of happiness at Shimotsuke city.Shimotsu ken have started a day just the same old story.On the way to Koganei St. he met a tyrannical evil corps “Un-happies”

BATTLE1. Koganei St.

A tyrannical evil corps “Un-happies”1 A blue crown

A bule clown – member of them attacked citizens who are going to go Tokyo for work.He have a bad memory terribly painful both physically and mentally by commuting on a crowded train every day. Commuters at Koganei Station, where there are many first trains and they can always sit and commute easily, hate that the person who does not have a hard time commuting.To dress up as a clown at the direction of the boss inviting the other's guard.

BATTLE2. At the local super market, Michi no Eki (a roadside station)

A tyrannical evil corps “Un-happies”2 A red crown

A red clown –He hates the large number of special local products, and eats them at local food market. Although he was a serious staff member who was in charge of regional revitalization at a certain town, he had a past where he couldn't endure such a situation because he couldn't succeed in developing a special product. Then he started to hate areas with many special products, had joined the corps to destroy the area.

BATTLE3. At Jichi Medical University.

A tyrannical evil corps “Un-happies”3 A green crown

A green clown – He hates that the Characteristics of Shimotsuke-city such as the number of doctors per person is No.1 in Japan, also the improvement of medical care.He aims to be a doctor, but has given up without entering medical school. Then he became to hate doctors or city full of medical care.

FINAL BATTLE. Shimotsuke-city hall

A tyrannical evil corps “Un-happies” Leader

The mainstay of the happiness, Shimotsuke-city hall. He hates Shimotsuke-city where it is easy to live in a peaceful area with little disaster.He uses force to take over a city hall and destroy happiness around there.Shimotsu ken tackle challenges to beat down a opponent! His power source is Sushi roll of Dried gourd supplied by his lovely daughter.